Posibility to convert StaticBody3D to CharacterBody3D

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Hello there, does anyone know the best way (if possible) to convert a StaticBody3D to CharacterBody3D?

I use blender to make a unit model, with -col at the end of the name string for collisionshape3d to be applied automatically. However, the model is imported from the .blend file as a StaticBody3D, and it seems like I need a CharacterBody3D… Thank you for answering!

Right-click the StaticBody3D node and select Change Type.

The problem is probably that Blender is involved. It simply isnt an option to Change Type…

I solved the problem 50% by changing its type to RigidBody3D by setting name name ending in Blender with -rigid
Screenshot 2024-06-17 194117

Maybe there’s some ending like-character for character body

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