Problem of lack of study materials

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Hello everybody.

I’ve been studying godot for almost 2 months, but I’m running into a problem: the lack of study materials for a specific game genre.

I’m trying to make a game in the “Side-View Management” style, but I can’t find documents, videos, tutorials, anything anywhere, I’ve already searched here on the forum, YouTube, Google and nothing.

Those of you who have access to more information than me, do you know any sources about this type of game that you can pass on to me so I can study it?

Example of a game in the style I want to make: Fallout Shelter

Another example: Project Highrise

Please, if anyone knows where I can find study sources, I would appreciate it if you could share.

Thank you…

I think you’re unlikely to find a great deal of material specifically for one game genre. And I don’t think anyone has access to anything that you don’t?

What you need to do is apply the general principles learned, which are the same regardless of genre, to your project. Almost everything you need will be covered somewhere, and the Godot documentation is very good too. Of course if you’re stuck on something specific in your project, the people here on this forum can be very helpful!


I agree with Stephen.
It’ll be very unlikely you’ll find a tutorial that’s “How to make Fallout Shelter in Godot”, but there are tutorials on how to make the gameplay elements that build up a game like Fallout Shelter.

The more specific your question is, the better people will be able to help you.
A good starting point to writing a question that will get you replies is:

  • write where you’re currently at
  • explain what you want to achieve
  • mention what you have tried and what is giving you trouble.