Problem with arrows

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Hello! I am creating tower defense game in 2d, and I’m currently stuck in making the arrow from the tower to fly to the enemy and cause him damage. Any ideas?

Do you mean making the arrow fly in an arc to the enemy position or just straight at the enemy?

In arc if possible

This is the script I use to make a CharacterBody2D enemy jump to a particular position. I should also work for arrows.

Can’t remember where I got the code though, but it works for me.

You can add this script to your arrow scene and call shoot_arrow

extends CharacterBody2D

##Assuming this is the arrow scene

func shoot_arrow():
        velocity = calculate_arc_velocity(global_position, enemy.global_position, gravity)

func calculate_arc_velocity(start_position, target_position, arc_height, gravity):
	var jump_velocity = Vector2()
	var displacement = target_position - start_position

	if displacement.y > arc_height:
		var time_up = sqrt(-2 * arc_height / float(gravity))
		var time_down = sqrt(2 * (displacement.y - arc_height) / float(gravity))
		#print("time %s" % (time_up + time_down))

		jump_velocity.y = -sqrt(-2 * gravity * arc_height)
		jump_velocity.x = displacement.x / float(time_up + time_down) 

	return jump_velocity

func physics_process(_delta):
	velocity.y += gravity * _delta

Can it be done without gravity?

Sure. You can find a way to calculate different points in an arc from the start position to the enemy position and just move or tween your arrow along those points.

Mind you, if your arrow is a CharacterBody, you will face problems with collisions if you are manually changing the position.

The first thing to do is to decide how the arrows should work. Does the arrow have collision detection or is the hit guaranteed? Does the shooter shoot directly at the target or can it predict the position of a moving target? Is the speed of the arrow affected by the distance of the target?