Problem with lighting

Godot Version

Godot 3.5.3


I’m getting horizontal stripes around my light source.

Looking at the screenshot, it looks like the lines are appearing at around the same tiles. Are you using a tilemap? Is there a normal map to the material you are using or anything that could impact the texture?

No, everything is by default, there are no materials on the tiles

It could also be caused by texture scaling in properties. Try setting it to 1.0. Maybe the blending is interpolating wrong with the gradient in the texture.


Try changing the light texture, it looks like a gradient error in the texture. Maybe compression or something similar.

If you move the light, do the lines move with it? If everything’s default like you said i suspect it will, and that means it’s something with the light. Probably the texture like EX74 said. It almost looks like interlacing…

Are your tiles overlapping? This can occur if cell size doesn’t match the texture size in the TileMap node properties. Are your textures fully opaque (and is Modulate/Self Modulate fully opaque in the TileMap node properties)?

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Problem was that my tiles overlapped each other, thanks for the tips!


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