Problems loading assets on the first start, but after reloading the project works fine?

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I’m helping in an opensource project that tries to be a clone of Advance wars (for the people in the AWBW community, organized/moved by mangs) and we have a problem, is only annoying problem, but a problem at the end.

When you clone the project for first time, and start it, it give you some error loading assets, but closing the project and reopening it, everything works fine.

We have an issue, that we commented thoughs: The first time the client is edited in godot, it raises an error with the menu.tscn scene · Issue #85 · Codename-Recon/Codename-Recon · GitHub

Somebody knows what’s happening? what is the reason? I thought starting the project with a simply flat scene, will be enough, but it’s not, just tried.

Super thanks!

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Not sure what the issue is but it looks like if you remove the run/main_scene="res://levels/menu.tscn" and run/main_scene.editor="res://levels/menu.tscn" from the project.godot file before importing it the project loads “fine” (aka there are like 850 errors :sweat_smile:) but it seems to work fine and does not corrupt the tileset resource.

You should probably open an issue here Issues · godotengine/godot · GitHub so people more involved with the engine development can be aware of the issue.

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After creating an issue, the problem is the CSV files in godot (which were used for translations) after switching from csv to gettext format, the issue dissapeared.

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