Problems With Exporting My Game

Godot Version



When I Trying to Export My Game Or Remote Debugging I sees Line In OutPut Says And Its Not Like Error Or Red Color Its Grey But My Game Is Stopping Working And Its Don’t Open …Please Help Me Its My First Time To Learn Game Development

What exactly does the line say?

Most likely if this is your first time using / exporting Godot you are missing the Android build template?
You can download that one here: Compiling for Android — Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English

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Says ( Could not find version of build tools that matches Target SDK, using 30.0.0 )

Can You Explain The Solution More Simple

Very appreciate

Ok, so this is exactly what I meant. Basically the engine doesnt know how to build for android yet, so you have to download it.
You simply have to click this: