Problems with _unhandled_input in Inventory System

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I am pretty new to the game engine and game development in general. I have been following the HeartBeast Inventory Tutorial but have run into a problem. It has to do with my code in _unhandled_input(event) i think. When I drag an item outside of this area.

the item dissapears. It is supposed to be set back to the area it was in before. And it isn’t set back to the area before until I click and unclick the mouse AGAIN but only outside of the area. Can someone help me figure out what is wrong? I have been playing with Mouse Filter: ignore, pass, and Stop and that hasn’t been helping either.

need to see your code to see what’s not right

Here is the code for th

e GridContainer, and the individual slots(2 Pictures


here is the code in the inventory script


so the issue was if you drag outside the area and when you released the mouse left click, the item gone?

need to see how you connect the signal of item_changed on

because you are trying to replicate what godot 3.2 tutorial on godot 4, it will have some difference you just cant follow 100%, unless you know how to convert it

Change the Callable(self,"_on_item_changed")
You created a callable but never .call() it, the method will never be called.