Project frozen in time

Godot Version

4.2.2 Stable

why does this post have 55 views but no replies :frowning: I need mental support


Hello Godot community,
Nothing is synchronizing in my game.
For example if I place down a panel node in the main scene it doesn’t appear when I run the game, even though when I exit running the game it is still there in the editor, and when I restart its not there in the editor. NOTHING IS SAVING! What is going on. Its liked my project is frozen in time. Also this is not the case for my other projects, which synchronize fine. (By the way i’ve tried “Synchronize scene changes”, doesn’t work.)
This is a big project for my programming and I need it back ASAP.

I have linked a file to my project below (Google Drive). Sorry if the code is a bit janky, I’m new to Godot.

Also included is a video of an example of what’s happening (Error with an Autoload not deleting because I deleted the path, but it restores as an autoload automatically after as if nothing has happened)
Thanks - sebashtioon