Provide rendering quality setting

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Godot 4


Our project is a 3d isometric game and I have been searching a way to provide player some rendering quality setting, but havent found one. Being an isometric game, the camera doesnt changes distance, and I need to force the engine to switch from high LOD to a lower one. I have tried LOD settings for MeshInstance3d (it seems to have some effect in the editor) and the Viewport LOD too, yet when I run the game, I see no noticeable gain in FPS. PErhaps Im approaching this the wrong way, or maybe Im using the wrong values. Can somebody give me a suggestion about this?

Sounds tricky. Perhaps put some timing tests in and see what editor vs play outputs. You may be fooling yourself in some way.

Also, if you can, try the multimesh3D for oft-repeated meshes.

I have tried multimesh. Cant make it work, meshes appear without material.