Question about Godot and 3D Softwares

Hi guys, just asking: many people use Blender for making 3D models for their Godot games. But can I use models made with other 3D softwares apart from Blender? Or is this latter required? Forgive my ignorance

See Available 3D formats — Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English

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I’ll take that as yes

That’s not a yes, please read the page :slight_smile:


sorry, I misunderstood

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You can use any 3D modelling software that exports to the formats supported by Godot. OBJ is supported by pretty much every 3D modelling software out there, although it’s a limited format by design (no support for animations or PBR materials). For more complete support, you’ll need to use glTF, FBX or Collada which isn’t supported by older or niche 3D software (or may require third-party plugins).

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