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Good morning!

My name is Paul. I want to make a game like Subway Surfers and I have a question how to code the game let me tell you straight I don’t know how to code but I am ready to learn is there any encyclopedia of code ? that you can learn? and how to add my own 3d graphics to Godot?


Hi Paul! Good afternoon (for me.)

If you have never coded before I’d recommend you reading about Code Fundamentals, or watch a video on youtube.

In fact, this Playlist on youtube will be of use, given it covers Fundamentals with Godot.

I assume you would use Blender to design your 3D Models and Assets and animate them. Then on Godot you import them.

Feel free to experiment and whenever you have a question, return to the forums and ask!

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I know this is frowned upon to say this in this forum, but this post is literally asking for this.
What you want to do is read the manual, starting here: Overview of Godot's key concepts — Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English
It is a very good tutorial on both general programming concepts and godot specific workflow. You will not regret it (unless you don’t like reading).

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