[Question] New to posting, and where to post?

Hello! I am wondering about what kind of things are allowed to be posted here? I am new to online forums (I have made one post on here before), and I don’t know what makes a post “good”. I have been coding a pathfinding system that utilizes RayCast2D (I’m afraid of using the Navigation nodes, because I am using Godot 4.0 and they have those scary, yellow warning symbols). I am very proud of this system and I would like to share it somewhere, but I don’t know where or how.
My pathfinding system also isn’t perfect and it has some issues, that I haven’t come up with an answer to yet. So I would also like to post questions about those as well.

I am very new to posting on the internet and I don’t know how high of a quality my post should be. So, where should I post, and how should I post?

I don’t usually use English, so I am sorry if this post was hard to read or understand.

Thanks for reading!

Make a post and share your work!

Tag the post appropriately.

I would encourage you to post more. As long as you are posting with good intentions. And if you accidentally cross some line, apologize, delete the post, and continue posting other things.



Post, ask questions and help other forum members.