Randomizing Predefined 2D tilemap

Godot Version



Can I get pointed in the best direction on how to approaching randomizing some predefined 2D tilemap scenes (rooms)?

I currently have a main tilemap that the player will start in with a series of doors leading into hidden rooms, so the rooms have to load at a specific location. I have predefined rooms labeled as Room_0000 → Room_000X. Room scenes also contain an area and a collision to detect/react to the player. Rooms are of equal size, but orientation may change (separate problem).

My initial thought is upon loading the level scene just run a script that runs a random number generator 0->x and create a new scene based on the result of that rng + “Room_000”. Also looking to avoid duplicates.

Is that decent? Worried it may be short-sighted as I am still a novice.