Reading file with "a" in it, then in another scene having node named "a" can i just use that to put something there?

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hello, i have made script that generates json file with [“mq”,[“m”,“q”]] it is from seed stuff, like i take three numbers, skip the zeros, just add them up so from 1 to 9 three times so max 27, i then mapped them to letters from a to z and 1, and made another scene with 3 by 3 by 3 spatial nodes spreaded out, i think of just putting on them 3D Sprites, like the universe unfolds and grows and spread out, i think of then putting another 3 by 3 by 3 on one point of first one, like the first one would grow in size in each 26 directions, i think it could create that whole noise? but in 3D maybe it could be used for maps generation can somebody help me out and tell me if using like just nodes with the same name what i generate in the file is good idea? can i just write a script that will read what is in json, then put another scene with that 3 by 3 by 3 construction and just read node name that is the same as what is in json file?

That’s a little hard to follow, but node names don’t matter as duplicates will be renamed when spawned usually with an integer value appended at the end.

You can name them yourself if you want to keep track? But if you wanted to manipulate them being ray pickable doesn’t care about the name. But for groups of nodes? maybe predictable names could help you select adjacent nodes by name alone…

Although if I understand your thing here you are procedurally marking points in space with nodes? I think that wouldn’t scale well. And there are plenty of algorithms for making terrain.