Recommendations for any third-party computer language support for Godot 4.2

I am new here so please be nice!

I want to try something different, I am looking for any third-party computer language support for my future Godot projects (whether that’ll be Java, Rust, Kotlin, etc, etc)

Any ideas?

What does this mean?

Currently, you can make games in Godot using GDScript, C# or C++. There are bindings for other languages like Rust, but they are not officially maintained.

Or are you looking for a way to add modding into your game?

Both Rust and Swift are supported, just Google that, and from what I understand both are good. Swift support is provided by a guy who knows what he’s doing and he just recently delivered a talk about his passion to continue the project.

You’re welcome to use whatever, but as far as ease of use you’re not gonna beat gdscript.

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