Renaming a .wav file crashes Godot

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Can others confirm that renaming a .wav file from the FileSystem tab will crash to desktop?

I’ve just done it twice and got a crash each time. The renaming occurs, the reimporting or whatever it does, happens and then it crashes.

you have enough disc space?
also you can check what is the error about by checking godot logs for this project from appdata

try converting it to .ogg,
.wav file is large in size. dont think it’s suitable for game

Thank you for your input, but I’m asking if someone else than me could verify it godot crashes when renaming a .wav file.

Regardless of everything, quality, size, etc. Renaming a file should not crash the editor.

I tested this error and find something, if you just rename the file without use anywhere nothing happens, but if an AudioStreamPlayer use this file and you rename, Godot crash, i’ll compile a debug version to get the crash backtrace and open an issue on github, thanks for the report

This is not about the format be the best or not, Godot philosophy is never ever crash, any error should be handled by the engine, the operation can fail, but a error should be shown for the user and the engine recover to keep the work


The files are not used in any way.

I dumped them in the directory structure a couple of weeks ago with their original names and thought that today I should add them to the game. So, I started to rename them…

I’m trying to find what exactly triggers the crash, i’m trying to do it again but is not happening, i’ll compile a debug version so when i can reproduce the crash get the backtrace

Just checked and there are no logs with today’s date. So it’s safe to assume the crash is a hard one and it’s not intercepted in any way.

To get userful info you need to use a debug version, without debug symbols is hard to get what is the cause of crash

Ran the project with:


with the same result; both started from a console. No log either.

Don’t worry, i was bisecting a regression so i wasn’t able to compile this version before, but i finished the bisect and i’m compiling a debug version right now for test this problem

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Just for testing purposes I decided to rename the two remaining files, but I did it from Windows Explorer and everything went fine. As soon as I switched focus to Godot it re-imported the file and that was that. Done. No crash. :man_shrugging:

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