Replicate player variables in a multiplayer mode

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Hello, i’m trying how to synchronise player properties in a multiplayer mode. I guess its very simple, but i cant understand with tutorials i found on the internet, can you please give me a short clue in order to do it ?

Example, i want to instantiate from my main scene world, a new player (i done it aloready), but with a playername above head.
When i change my var nickname on player, it doesnt work.
How can i synchronize variables of player script on other peers ?

I tried this : Multiplayer in Godot 4.0: Scene Replication (part 1)

but it seems outdated, this line doesnt work : multiplayer.replicator.spawn_config(id, MultiplayerReplicator.REPLICATION_MODE_SERVER,
[&“player_name”, &“position”])

thanks a lot !

are you just trying to add nametags to the player? because you can do that entirly in the player scene