Right-to-left text option to godot 3?

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Do you planning to add right-to-left writing option to text input areas?
In godot 3 ?

I’m not one of the maintainers but I highly doubt it as it’s a huge task as text / font management was fully rewritten in 4.x.

I dont think its so hard. They just need to add an option for rtl. Font or lang doesnt matter. When you check this option any lang and font writer right to left. This is more usefull because you can change any font ant languages direction.

Handling bi-directional text is not an easy task.

But if you only need to show RTL text you can manually draw it yourself using CanvasItem.draw_char()

Thanks @mrcdk I will check it.

I mean to say for example when I wrote
I want it to write

I mean to say for example when I wrote

Basic RTL support isn’t so difficult, but the thing is that for proper RTL language support, you also need font shaping. This is a requirement for languages like Arabic or Hebrew to display correctly.

This is a much more difficult task as it involves integrating massive libraries (HarfBuzz, ICU) that would also increase binary size significantly for all users, unless they compile their own export templates.

yes but you can add basic support for it no?
something is better than nothing?