Rigidbody2d in zero gravity with impulses but torque impulse only works when the body is already moving.

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By CarrONoir

I’m trying to control a Rigidbody2d in zero gravity to give the impression that it is a small drone in space with four way movement and rotation. I’m using impulses because it gives the desired effect, as I don’t want to give it a constant force, just increase it when the controls are held down like it has four tiny thrusters. Witch looks as I wanted it to, but the torque impulse only works when the body it already moving. If it has no momentum, it does not rotate, but it seems to “build up” the commanded rotation, and when a little force is applied in any way, it releases it all at once but works as intended is the body is moving.
Is is meant to work this way or am I just missing something? I can think of workarounds, but maybe there is an intended solution?
The script just applies impulse when the button is held down.

Just a stab in the dark here because I just had remotely similar problem with a RigidBody not moving until “activated” by a force: In my case, the RigidBody’s “Can Sleep” option was turned on.

4ndrea | 2021-05-24 03:36