Rotating RayCast2D misses targets

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A character spawns a detection node on its position every 0.2 seconds, nodes despawn after 2 seconds. Detection nodes have collision layer set to 8.

Following code should detect if ‘enemy’ can directly see detection nodes and if yes, turn towards the latest.

func update(delta):
	if state_active and active_target:

func _on_fov_body_entered(body):
	if state_active == true:
		if body.is_in_group("player_step"):
			enemy.raycast.target_position = enemy.raycast.to_local(body.global_position)
			if enemy.raycast.is_colliding():
				if enemy.raycast.get_collider().get_collision_layer_value(8):
					active_target = enemy.raycast.get_collider().global_position

func attack(delta):
	if state_active and active_target:
		direction = active_target - enemy.global_position
		enemy.global_rotation = lerp_angle(enemy.global_rotation, direction.angle(), delta)

Instead, it completely misses most of the detection nodes.
Disabling rotation helps proper targeting, so I believe that somehow RayCast2D misses its targets.
Have already tried increasing nodes’ collision boxes.

That “to_local” is suspect to me, typically rays are cast in global space so all positions should be in global and not local…

Also this sounds like a job for ShapeCast2D

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I am tracking active_target position in debug, so I know it can’t be it.

The problem is rotation, as it works fine if I disable it. It’s not even that fast.

For some reason it doesn’t pick the newest detection node as target, when the ray caster rotates.

ShapeCast may work, I need to read about it first

There is also the force raycast update function, maybe that could salve your missing collision issue.

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Forcing update right after setting raycast target to newest node was the solution. It now works really smooth.

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