Sample curve beyond 1 / Infinite curve Sample

Godot Version

Godot 4.2


I’m new to Godot
I’m trying to make a survivor style game with infinite level.
I’m trying to determine max experience per level with curve.
something like
var _max_exp = levelCurve.sample(_level/100)

but if I use it like this its only get the maximal value when the level reach beyond 100.

Is there a way to sample value over 1? Like if the curve is linear, Godot will calculate next value linear, or calculate value automatically from previous points.

I know i should’ve make my own formula with math, but is there a way to get infinite value with curve?

Sry bad English

since it’s from 0.0 to 1.0 sampling the curve, then you just need to resample the excess of the curve to kind of making infinite curve with repetition.
example you set the curve to be at max value of the curve to 100

var _level=901
var excess_level_factor=901/100 #should be 9
var mod_level=901%100 # should be 1
var _max_exp=curve.sample(mod_level)+curve.sample(100)*excess_level_factor