Scene and change_scene doesn't work after exported to Android

Godot Version



My project runs on the computer fine but does not work when exported to the phone and i dont know what is going on so i will just tell everything that happened, sorry if im giving unnecessary information. So during the first time i exported my project to Android it was working fine, but i forgot to set it to portrait, so i went back and set it up, re-exported, then everything doesnt work anymore(i dont think i touched anything else, but i could have without noticing). godot was telling me "could not find versions of build tools that matches target sdk using 34.0.0"so i went and downloaded whatever godot was telling me to download on this page: Exporting for Android — Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English i download the exact version and the error disappeared, no warnings when exported, but the app was still not running properly. I have one button on my starting scene that is suppose to change the scene to a level select scene on click, but nothing happens when i clicked the button( i tried to let some text appear when button is on clicked, this worked). If i change the level select scene as the starting scene, then all it show is a black screen( also tried with other scenes and all of them is just showing a black screen). I googled alot and nothing helped, i’m clueless right now so if any help or suggestions can be given i will be really appreciate.