Scene causes Player to lose 2 lives instead of just one (Fixed apparently)

Fixed apparently

I tried avoiding _physics_process as much as possible and now the lives lose at least one point of them.
might be fixed
The one downside or two is that the “id check system” takes a while to reactivate and that 2 other interactions dont work because of how melee actually works, but whatever.
I got something I wanted to do.

Godot Version



To give context: A scene I wanted to do was an object that, if the Player interacts with, causes Player to be hurt by a damaging electricity scene.

The “damaging” scene (Which uses an EnemyHitbox with a collisionshape) is supposed to make the Player lose 10 points of health and if said Player health goes down, one life is lost.


In this situation, however, 2 lives are lost.

This is bad, specialy if the player has 1 life: Because the game soft locks when the Player has -1 lives.

I also did different variations of this scene, including a hidden KinematicBody2D with the EnemyHitbox that would quickly go down in place of an energy effect (The idea being that said KD would be hidden through a ceiling and the collision would always be active, but turns out the issue of losing multiple lives is still there)

The link above has 3 scenes part of the overall concept.

If you look at the structure there, you see I did some weird work arounds.

Because at some point, the GrekMultigunSecurity scene being the one spawning GrekMultigunElec would lead to the Player losing more lives.

This sort of issue happened before

In KrimbLevel3 (Password “r1c0t0”) there is a character that stabs the Player if attacked a second time (Named “Sarah Sevanko NPC”).

But the Player’s health doesn’t go below 10 because of the multiple life loss issue.

Although I don’t mind that this character doesn’t kill the Player because she’s a crossover cameo.

With this Grek multigun scene, however, it’s part of a setting that belongs to the game.

It also happens that the EnemyHitbox scene should also hurt the Companion character. Any help is appreciated.