Scene getting deleted?

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When running the following code, instantiated_scene gets deleted after _on_pressed() ends, so _on_aoh_finished only sees it as a null. Why?

extends Button

u/onready var scene = $“…/…/…”.scene

var instantiated_scene = null

func _on_pressed():

instantiated_scene = preload(“res://survivors_game.tscn”).instantiate()

var chosen = get_parent()

var chosen_body = chosen.get_node(“SquareBody”)


instantiated_scene.get_node(“Player”).get_node(“Kay1”).get_node(“SquareBody”).texture = chosen_body.texture




func _on_aoh_finished():

if instantiated_scene:




Edit: I just saw that your other function adds it to the tree. Try adding it earlier right after you instantiate it and see if that works.

I believe that is because the instantiated_scene is not attached to your current tree.
You will need to add it a node that exists in your tree.

The simplest method would be to use

instantiated_scene = preload(“res://survivors_game.tscn”).instantiate()

This will add the instantiated_scene to the current Node with the script running.

Here is the reference from the Godot Documentation

Try this out and let me know if it works. Cheers :beers: