scene instantiating duplicating the sprite

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Zrag

Hi guys!

I’m instantiating the enemies using PackedScene.instantiate(), setting up his position with a PathSpawnLocation and, after that, adding the node to the main scene using add_child()

The firsts few spawns correctly but after some time, the mobs start appearing in pairs, or even 3 or 4 at a time. But it doesn’t add a child node. It means that if I have 4 enemies in screen with their respectives 4 nodes and suddenly it spawns 3 at the same time, it won’t appear 7 different nodes, just 5 nodes.

To make the things weirdest, some time the mobs spawn rotated, when I don’t use anything to rotate the enemies.

Those are the codes I’m using:

func _ready():

func set_animation(is_moving, mob_position, player_position):
	if is_moving:
		$EnemyAnimation.animation = "walk"
		$EnemyAnimation.animation = "idle"
	$EnemyAnimation.flip_h = mob_position > player_position

Spawn method in main:

func _on_mob_timer_timeout():
	var mob = mob_scene.instantiate()
	var mob_spawn_location = get_node("MobPath/MobSpawnLocation")
	mob_spawn_location.progress_ratio = randf()
	mob.position = mob_spawn_location.position

Edit: after some additional test, I found that is not duplicating the sprites, but making their randomly their position into a new position, near to the new child.