Sending RPC for QueuFree gets Node not found error

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When my player walks into an Area3d object it sends an RPC to QueueFree() the object. The object disappears on server and client but I get an error on the server.

E 0:03:02:0788 get_node: Node not found: “Level/Enemy” (relative to “/root”).
<C++ Error> Method/function failed. Returning: nullptr
<C++ Source> scene/main/node.cpp:1638 @ get_node()
E 0:03:02:0788 process_confirm_path: Parameter “node” is null.
<C++ Source> modules/multiplayer/scene_cache_interface.cpp:123 @ process_confirm_path()

This error did not occur in Godot 4.1, only since upgrading to 4.2.

Haven’t you changed any part of code?

I don’t have any experience either on 3D or Server/Client but I know for sure that is a missing reference.

It sounds like something was trying to call/reference the node when it had been freed.

I suspect what’s happening is that an RPC calls through from the client after the node has been freed. Not sure why this would change between versions, but even normally I can imagine this happening if there’s enough latency between server and client.

I’d either accept it as a known “issue” that doesn’t affedt much, or deactivate the node on the server and delay freeing for a bit. But only on the server.

This is the code for it. Possibly is some Known Issue, but I usually assume I’ve done something wrong.

	public void OnArea3dBodyEntered(Node3D body)
		if(!Multiplayer.IsServer()) return;


	[Rpc(MultiplayerApi.RpcMode.AnyPeer, CallLocal = true, TransferMode = MultiplayerPeer.TransferModeEnum.Reliable)]
	public void Destroy()

Github Project works with 4.1 and get error in 4.2

Have you tried @elementbound suggestion?