Server rpc call not being received by client

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i have a basic server setup. all the other rpcs work but when i call this rpc i get no response on my client no error nothing

client code

@rpc("any_peer") func ReceveReturnedLoginRequest(result):
	print("results are in")
	if result == true:
		print("shit went wrong")
		get_node("LoginScreen").login_button.disabled = false
@rpc("call_remote") func LoginRequest(username, password):

Is the server and client two separate codebases or Godot projects? If so, are these two snippets of code on the same node with the same absolute path?

Also, you could add a Networking tag to your question, it can help with discoverability imo

You appear to be heading down a similar road to my own… Your problem is the disconnect_peer call. The peer is being disconnected before the rpc call is being made.

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I have an open ticket for this one. Track that to see if there is a better solution or when there is a resolution.

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