Setting GPUParticle3D emission direction / Wood Splinter Effect

Godot Version


Does anyone know how to change GPUParticles3D emission direction, via code? I am trying to make a directional wood splinter explosion, by getting the projectile/colliders Vector3, and then setting the GPUParticle3D direction to match it. I’m pretty sure my Vector3 from the projectile is correct. My code currently runs, but I don’t notice any change in the particle woodsplinter velocity.

In case other process material parameters are affecting this…these are my particle parameters;
initial velocity = 3
spread = 180
align Y = on
Angle Max 4.1, Angle Curve has a curve
Inherit Velocity = 1


var debri_direction = projectile_direction		
emit_woodSplinters(last_collision_position, debri_direction)

func emit_woodSplinters(damage_point, emit_direction):
	# instance particle scene
	var woodSplinters_instance = woodSplinters_scene.instantiate()
	# parent particle to ship
	# set position based on impact point
	woodSplinters_instance.global_position = damage_point

	# set particle direction 
	woodSplinters_instance.get_node("GPUParticles3D").process_material.direction = emit_direction
	# emit particles