Should I combine game UI elements into an atlas or just use the individual images?

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I have different UI images I want to use in my game. Normally, I’d throw them all into a single asset file, but from what I understand Godot would need to make multiple files anyway?

Are there any benefits to putting them into an atlas? From what I can tell, it looks like Godot needs to create an AtlasTexture for each sprite and then know its region data. At that point it almost makes more sense to just use the individual sprites as necessary.

Please correct me if I’m wrong. Any advice is appreciated :pray:

Yes, if you have a spreadsheet of ui, then you can use AtlasTexture

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Right, I know that I can, but I’m also curious as to what people normally do when they’re working with godot :slight_smile:

I just drop a single file into a button or texture rect, if I have

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I do separate image every time. It’s then easier to change something, just swap it out

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Create a layer for each sprite on the sprite sheet.
Export the sprite sheet when you edit the graphic.
All your sprites on one sheet with the same ease of use.
As an added bonus you can keep experimental graphics on the sheet by simply turning their visibility off.

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