Showcase in Godot website is hidden

Hi all! :godot:

First of all, the godot community is awesome! Everything is made with care, and I personally are happy with this. One thing that come to my attention is that the showcase in godot website is a little tricky to find. Since there are tons of good games now, it should be on top menu for sure! Even in the community menu, could not find it. If I go to other engine for example, the first thing I like to see is what games are the engine capable.

So, there some reason for the showcase be the way it is? Or could be put in a place more visible? Maybe after community top menu.

Hello there! Yes, we are aware that the showcase is not easy to find. I have a couple updates in mind to make it more prominent. The idea is to add a section in the home page and add it to the nav bar as well.
Thanks for the feedback!

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