Showing tooltips in a fixed position

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Testing the tooltip system, works well, and having only one problem (for now :P) :slight_smile:

The tooltip is shown at the mouse position, which is classic, but depending of this position a large tooltip go out of the screen so the question is to know if I can, for example, show the tooltip in a fixed location on the screen?

For that you would have to implement your own tooltip system.

For example:
use the hovering signal from control nodes (mouse_entered / mouse_exited)
have a seperate node attached to the hovered over node that turns visible with the tooltip when you hover and hides when you stop hovering

Thx for the answer :slight_smile:

Itโ€™s exactly what Iโ€™ve done but I did let the question in case of there were a simplier option for simple tooltips.
On an other side this solution is very good, permitting to have different graphical boxes for the tooltips and donโ€™t seems too much a performance eater :slight_smile:

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