Sidebar is too big

The content within sidebar is 2 words max (e.g. “My Posts”, or “Showcase”) and there is a lot of empty space. Like, 1/3rd of the sidebar is empty, could even fit advertisements there

I suggest reducing --d-sidebar-width from 17em to 11em (12em if you want to be generous in space)

Example of 11em below

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sounds good to me, but this will need a bit of testing to make sure we don’t break anything in Discourses responsive layout


It should use icons instead of color dots too. So you can click on collapse button above and yet see the icons of the categories, meaning more space.

I don’t think we can easily do that with the theming options given by discourse

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I don’t find it so bad being at 17 rem. You can hide it. But would be good to have it 11 also. And yes, I think icons would be better off than just dots.

I’d like more opinions. So far some like the current layout, some want a smaller sidebar. I won’t have time before January to work on this either way, so it would be good to get some opinions until then.

Is there any possibility to open a thread taking suggestions until January or would it be too much of a hassle?

I’m not sure I’m understanding your question. You can add any ideas/opinions regarding the sidebar size in this thread, and for everything else you can create your own thread in Site Feedback