Signal not emitting

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Good afternoon!

I have a Health Component node that emits signals such as: took_dmg, healed and died. I attached this node to a Shield ability node that has a Take Damage component that works with the Health Component to take damage from it. I can confirm that the Health Component is taking damage but the signal is either not being emitted or being ignored by the Spell’s main script…

Any ideas on why this could be happening?

Is the signal connected?

It seems that the print was coming from the player’s take damage component. So the issue is not that the emit signal is being ignored. However, the take damage component isn’t working on the water shield scene… The father node of the shield is of type Node2D and the player is obviously a CharacterBody2D. Other than that, the only difference I think could matter is how the shield is instanced in the main scene…

Any ideas?

The scene’s TakeDamageComponent node wasn’t setting it’s Health Component @export variable on instantiation for some reason…

I basically had to add a func _ready() setting that up for it to work.

Thanks anyways guys!