Simple and the best way to save data

Godot Version



I used several sources to learn about data storage
But not being comprehensible and making mistakes in a way that I could not
Solve these errors.
If you could teach me how to save the game.

It seems that FileAccess has a problem with me

What do you have so far?

I got a simple and ready project that was exactly like Godot’s description, but it gives an error.

What should I do?

What is the error? More info = easier help

func save_file(content): var file ="/path/to/file.txt", FileAccess.WRITE) file.store_string(content)‍‍

It gives this error:
The identifier “FileAccess” isn’t declared in the current scope

It’s File in 3.x, they gave the link to documentation for 4.x

There shouldn’t be much else different, but here is the older version