Singelton, signals, time and label display

Godot Version 4.1.2.stable


I’m still relatively new to Godot, don’t be rude to me if there’s an easy solution. thanks.

I have used the main node (base - white) as the main node. There I have specified the script global_time_sig via autoload as “GlobaleTimeSig” - as name and singleton. I want to calculate the elapsed time in the global script, in the format 00 00:00:00, for days, hours, minutes, seconds and output it in the label node.

In between is a Node2D, which should not interfere.

As a hint I get:
Missing connected method ‘_on_node_time_updated’ for signal ‘time_updated’ from node ‘Node’ to node ‘Node/Node2D/Label’.

The first script is used to calculate the time and output it in a subordinate label. To do this, I want to use start and stop buttons to control both the start and stop of the counted time.

My globale_time_sig:

extends Node

signal time_updated(time)

var is_running = false
var s = 0
var m = 0
var hr = 0
var dy = 0

func _process(_delta):
if is_running:

func update_timer(delta):
s += delta
if s >= 60:
s = 0
m += 1
if m >= 60:
m = 0
hr += 1
if hr >= 24:
hr = 0
dy += 1
emit_signal(“time_updated”, “%02d: %02d:%02d:%02d” % [dy, hr, m, floor(s)])

func start_timer():
is_running = true

func stop_timer():
is_running = false

My Label skripte :

extends Label

func _ready():
var global_timer = get_node(“/root/GlobaleTimeSig”)

var callable_start = Callable(self, "_on_start_pressed")
var callable_stop = Callable(self, "_on_stop_pressed")

$StartButton.Callable("pressed", callable_start)
$StopButton.Callable("pressed", callable_stop)

var callable_time_updated = Callable(self, "_on_time_updated")

global_timer.Callable("time_updated", callable_time_updated)

func _on_time_updated(zeit):
self.text = time

func _on_start_pressed():
var global_timer = get_node(“/root/GlobaleTimeSig”)

func _on_stop_pressed():
var global_timer = get_node(“/root/GlobaleTimeSig”)

I find the signal and can link it, but I can’t even start the debugger. Can anyone help me?