Skyline Assault 2 🌕 - Released now!

Hi Everyone,

I recently released a sequel to one of my games. It has many new features and completely overhauled graphics.

The game is 1 vs 1 fighter mixed with bullet hell aspects. There’s local multiplayer and story to play through.


Hope you enjoy. Any feedback is appreciated.

You can play it on here


Tried a little bit, its a neat concept :> though personally hard for me to play - I’m not used to this genre of game XD but i will give it a few more tries, it seems cool :3

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Thanks for giving it a try!

I did think the game might be a bit tough for some players to get into. Maybe an easy mode or interactive tutorial is needed.

an interactive tutorial sounds like a lovely idea! I’m also always pro different difficulty modes, though I know it can be different/ more or less difficult to implement them depending on what game one is making

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