Smoother first-person camera movement: does this work?

Godot Version



New here. Trying to make camera movement smoother than if I had just childed it to the character. I mean the movement looks pretty smooth, it’s just this tiny horizon shake that’s annoying. Does this help? I can’t see a difference.


(‘Dummy’ is the player character. It’s a pathetic two metre lozengite I’ll replace later)

Passing the fps as the third argument is too large value. If you have 60 fps that means move_toward will change the cameras position by up to 60 (meters) every frame. So basically just sets it to the target position immediately, so no difference compared to not using it.

Try a much smaller value, and it would probably be better to use lerp() instead of move_toward. It’s the same but lerp moves faster if the distance is larger between the current and target position, so better at following things.

Thanks, I was wondering about that - I played around with smaller numbers but eventually it always ended up lagging behind.