Snowboarders: Kiri Adventures a Snowboarding game

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Snowboarders: Kiri Adventures” a snowboarding game in which you pick as many coins as you can while doing backflips in the snowy hills. Avoid the rocks! Super cool graphics and chill music.


  • Press X/Space to jump and hold X/Space to do backflips!
  • Avoid Rocks!


  • Chill , Calm , Cozy music take a cup of coffee and start snowboarding !
  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Can do Backflips , grinds and many more…
  • Relaxing feel takes yours stress off.

Super nice game! Really enjoyed the graphics and the chill music, it creates a chill vibe! The particles is also a nice touch.

Here’s some suggestions:

  • I don’t know if it’s intentional but when I jump, the player character is feeling like he is being pushed forward. This makes the jumping mechanic feel a bit awkward in my opinion. Maybe make the player jump straight upwards instead of being pushed forward?

  • The snow particles and wind effect on the game name in the home screen is awesome. Gives the game some personality and makes it more interesting to look at. The wind effect on the trees in the home screen is a bit “too much wind”. Lowering the “wind” would definitely help and make it look more pleasant for the eye.

Overall, it’s a pretty awesome game and I definitely see some potential in it. Keep up the good work!

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There’s a bug with this:
sometimes a fall doesn’t show a failure prompt and gets stuck where it was when you fell.

it’s a very nice game.

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