So, Since Godot Rebuilt their Engine, Will upcoming updates be easily Compatable?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Nickyroo

I know from Godot 3 to 4 my code got scrambled so I had to throw away all of it, likewise breaking materials and more in another project… But from 4-5 to 6 etc… Will it all be easily Compatible? I’m pretty sure they have built the Engine from the Ground up with Godot 4

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: jgodfrey

You can read about Godot’s release policy here:

Generally, Godot follows the semantic versioning system, which strives to keep compatibility with changes in the same major version level (Godot 4 ATM). Major version updates (so, 5 and 6 in your comments) typically represent breaking changes from the previous release. That’s just the price of progress…

I’m not sure what the planned support schedule looks like for Godot 4.x (or, whether it’s even defined ATM), but it’ll be around and supported for an extended period of time.

However, at such time as Godot 5.x is released, it likely won’t be directly compatible with Godot 4.x (again, that’s the nature of the beast). Generally, the support schedules for any major version will be long enough to allow any given project to stay with that release permanently.

While you could elect to move a project across major version boundaries, I’d expect that to require some manual work…

Thanks, I hope the updating of the Engine’s version wont tamper with Code or Shaders and such

also, the reason I ask this is because there is one feature I seek for which would make Godot 100% perfect to use (from my point of view),

and this is the technology used in Unreal Engine 5, where Polygons are grouped and automatically Decimated in a Single Draw call from what I understand, Making any amount of polygons usable without reducing performance, Do you know if there is an alternative to this for Godot?

Nickyroo | 2023-06-30 17:36

The closest thing I know of is that Godot 4 can automatically decimate topology based on viewing distance, so objects viewed from far away will have only a fraction of the polygons of the same object viewed from close up.

stormreaver | 2023-07-01 01:55