Some random sounds not playinh

Godot Version

v4.2.1.stable.official [b09f793f5]


Hi, I’m making a soundboard. There are four rows of buttons where all are copies from the first and all the buttons uses the same script files, so, if one button works, all of them should do it also.
The first row works without problem.
The second row the first button is not working when using the slides for effects for pannig, for example. The rest of the buttons of the second row are working properly.
The third and fourth rows have the same problem as the first button of the second row. Slides and effects are not working.
Please, could you check the code and find something wrong? I can’t see the problem. Maybe could be a Godot bug¿??¿
The code is:

Thanks a lot in advance.

Oh, dam. It’s solved. It seems that the assignment of a bus to an AudioStreamPlayer by code is ignored if there is an assignment in the GUI. So now all is working properly.

Haven’t looked at your code, but no, that shouldn’t be the case! If it is, you did something wrong in your script. The value set in the GUI is just the initial value at startup, but it should be possible to override it at any point via code.