Some Texture2D's appearing wrong on IOS only

Godot Version



I have a lot of strange sized small pngs used as Texture2D (16x17, 20x21, etc). These display fine in the editor, and on windows/android builds. But on IOS SOME of them seem to get cut off on the right hand side.

Before I spend ages tracking this down (it’s a complicated level), is there anything which could be causing this on IOS only?

Does IOS have enforced power 2 texture sizes or something similar? Is there a flag I can turn on/off somewhere which might be causing this, etc etc?

I’m running in compatibility mode (not mobile mode), as I want to maximize number of platforms playable on. Could that be an issue?

Any thoughts greatfully received. Obviously I can try to get to the bottom of this the “slow and painful” way… But I figured i’d ask here first to see if anyone can think of anything obvious - before I go bite the bullet and get a texture packer and re-do everything from scratch (and cry)