Space exploration ideas

I’m making a space exploration game. A kind of mix between outer wilds and sea of thieves.
I want to hear your ideas.

Realistic or stylized like your examples?

Anything that you think sounds cool

I would say a space race, but in my mind there is realistic gravity for large bodies.

Maybe to simplify it you could make a puzzle that would use unrealistic gravity to bend the path of a probe. It would require slinging multiple asteroids to get see a hidden area or hit an object that is to hazardous to reach.

This is from a book, Rendezvous with Rama, a mysterious and seemingly derelict alien ship shows up in the solar system. A decent read if you haven’t already. The large ship is a spinning cylinder and has an interior with centrifugal gravity. (Kind of like the space colonies in the Gundam series)

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Just a small note: I’ve moved this topic to the General category. In Development is only for games that are already in active development to show the current state, not to find ideas.

Your game concept sounds intriguing! How about adding dynamic weather systems on different planets, hidden treasure maps leading to unique artifacts, and cooperative missions that require teamwork to uncover cosmic secrets? Looking forward to seeing it in action.

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