Spinning animation different than shown in tutorial videos

Godot Version



i dont get how every time i type the exact same var speed or rotate.y whether its the SPEED or the value of 1 or even 0.5, my test character still spinning too fast at 60fps compared to the one in the video it spins normal at 60fps. im on an old laptop with gtx 1050ti. did i do something wrong or is there a way to change the default settings in gd script coding ? like system default in the coding?

the fps for the project is set here, maybe that could be the reason

i didnt change it to 30fps or mess around the settings for projects at all. this fps is default. so im not sure what is causing the animation to spin faster unless i change the value to 0.005… even with the angular * delta speed syntax its the same.

it may be if i as a programmer the default speed i set for the character in the const SPEED or similar cannot be more than 2 if that makes sense. i tinker around abit then i realized in relation to that value whether i add in degress to radians or vice versa i have to put in lower values like i.e 0.01 until i get it to spin normal like it did in tutorial videos. thats the one thing none of them point out. i had to figure it out ofcs. i get its not easy learning coding programming from zero given i have no experience before prior or even completed college or university learning courses or lessons related to computer language or being good at math and science or even as an engineer.