Sprite offset being changed for unknown reason

Godot Version

4.2.2 stable


I have a “gun” scene that is a Node2D with a child Sprite2D. The sprite has an offset value of 60 in the x axis. When I add this gun scene to another scene, the offset of the sprite changes to an old value. It doesn’t reset to 0,0. It actually resets to an offset value that I had been using previously.

I’ve tried adding the new gun scene (with the new offset values) a few times by deleting it and then readding it. The same behavior persists. I’ve tried restarting godot as well.

Solution: update the reset track created with a previous offset value.

I had forgotten that a previously made animation for this sprite modified it’s offset property. I created a reset track at the time of this animation’s creation, and it had stored the exact offset values that the sprite was defaulting to when it was being added to new scenes.