SSH - Steamdeck - setting up one click deploy - no start of project on steamdeck

Godot Version


One click deploy via SSH doesn´t start the project on Steamdeck, how to fix that?

The Output shows;
Creating temporary directory…
Uploading archive…
Uploading scripts…
Starting project…
Project started.

EDIT; It is solved :slight_smile:
I will create a tutorial on this as soon as possible.

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What was the solution? I’d love to know as I’m experiencing the same behavior.

I can´t edit the prior posting.

This is the created tutorial, explaining the entire setup process of the one click deployment.
Since there are many steps, I would advice you to watch the entire thing.
If you are not using a german keyboard, you can skip to 2:35

depending on where you are stuck, copy pasting
xhost +si:localuser:$USER
into the Steam Decks console will help in the successful deployment of the project.

I hope it helps.