Standalone lambdas cannot be accessed. Consider assigning it to a variable. this happens while trying to make my multiplayer fps games

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I think you forgot your question.

basically it just says these 2 things.

That is a warning about an unused variable and an error about a node you tried to get in _ready() in line 3 of “” that does not exist. What is your question, tho?

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i want to know how to fix it

how do I also fix the parameter one

For the error, make sure you typed the name of an existing node on your node path. I don’t know what your script or node tree look like, so I can’t tell you exactly what to change.
For the warning, either use the variable it complains about or add an _ to the start of the parameter name if you really don’t need it.

ok ill try that, but i am new so i dont understand most of the things you just said.