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hi. in the step by step guide, under creating instances, it talks about scene instances as a design langauge. can someone elaborate on this concept further? I’m looking to create diagrams, and i get the idea behind it. i just cant figure out how to implement it. the diagram trees are really confusing.

thanks in advance

Hi! is it okay to bump things? if so, im really interesetd in learning more about design language sp[ecifically for godot and how this works!

Seems fine to me!
To be honest we have not yet finalized the rules of the forum, so for now it’s “do what you think is sensible”. We will monitor how users use the forum, and if anything becomes a problem then we will make a rule about it. But I don’t want to just make rules up without knowing how people use it first.

fair enough, thank you for your reply.

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