Strange lighting artifact periodically appearing? What could be causing this?

Godot Version

v4.0.3.stable.mono.official [5222a99f5]


Hi! I’m new the Godot!
I’ve been learning learning about tilemaps and just began adding lights. Sometimes as I walk around my scene, the firefly’s light (PointLight2D) is clipping. For the light, I’m using a radial gradient and for the most part it works perfectly, but I’m sometimes noticing this clipping behavior. What could be causing this?

Which rendering method are you using? Are shadows enabled on any of your lights?

PS: 4.0.3 is end-of-life, please upgrade to 4.1.x at least or preferably 4.2.x.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Just upgraded to Godot 4.2, it still happens.
Rendering method is forward_plus.

Shadows are disabled.

In the scene, I randomly spawn a bunch of these fireflies, they have constant light properties, but I animate the sprite and the offset of the light (to get a bounce effect).

I suspect this has something to do with the number of lights going into and out of view, maybe hitting the rendering light caps?

Here’s some footage. I doubled the number of fireflies and now it happens more reliably. There shouldn’t be any flickers or clipping.

2D Lighting doesn’t render all lights when TileMap cell_quadrant_size is not small enough · Issue #81147 · godotengine/godot (

Just found your post on this! Seems I’m running into the same issue. I reduced my rendering quadrant size to 1, and this corrects the issue.

I guess this is chunkifying my tile map for performance reasons?

Yes, quadrant size splits rendering up in chunks – therefore, a lower value results in more chunks.