Strange Lights behaviour

Godot Version



Hi all, im a noob developer working on a 3D game, and i have this issue (please look at the screenshots). I dont even know how to call it for searching on the web.

I dont have a clue on what causes the issue either how to solve it. Seems like Omnilights and Spotlights only have this behaviour, while is less noticeable or not present at all with Enviromental and Directional lights.
As you can see there’s some parts of the meshes and some of the terrain that act… strange. Meshes comes from Blender and terrain is builded in Godot.
Also, there is some light bleeding trhough some wall corners, even if the mesh is a single piece.
Thanks for your time.

It looks like your mesh’s normals are incorrect, particularly on the first screenshot. Double-check your normals in Blender and consider recalculating them.

Ok, I think Ive solved it.

They were two different problems. The one on the house mesh was because ive “shade smooth” that part, indeed is present on other objects with that same setting. Ive solved it changing the shading to “flat” on Blender.

The problem on the terrain was the rendering mode of the tool ive used (HTerrain), ive changed it from “Classic4” to “ClassicLite” and the problem disappear entirely.