Stuttery and buggy physics

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I created a CharacterBody 3D with a collision and some collisions in the scene. The physics do work, but not properly. For instance, when you walk out of the hammock and you don’t do it the proper way, you get stuck. Also, when falling on the ship’s hull (which is from the side not completely vertical), you fall through the collision. Furthermore, walking over ramps results in a stuttery moving-forward-and-falling. I guess it is programmed badly in, but I don’t know how I should program it. Could anyone help me out? This link leads you to the gamefiles. You can test it out to see what’s going wrong.

The problems related to collisions are caused by using auto-created concave collision shapes and not to the script. You don’t need to climb at the sloped walls, right?

Try to stick to simple collision shapes as much as possible. Under your ship/StaticBody3D use multiple box shapes for collision (instead of single convex).

If your box collisions stretch together - go to CollisionShape → Shape → right click → make unique.

One more question: When I’m making collision for the ship’s hull, I basically have to add a BoxCollision for every face of the hull. Will this lead to problems for e.g. collision detection if too many collisions overlap?

It should not if they are not sloped some unusual way.

Great. Thank you!

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